"DR. SAM" Psycho/Hypnotherapy

​Dr. Sam's is an administrative comprehensive education and behavioral health services for families, children adolescents and adults who suffer from psychiatric and addictive challenges. “Ask yourself where can you turn to face life’s difficult challenges?” “Your Child struggles in silence and you don’t recognize the sign until it’s too late.” “You want help but don’t know where to turn.” Don’t Despair there is hope! At The Psycho-Hypnotherapy Institute our integrated team of professionals provides mental health services to those individuals who are in need of these services.

Whether referring to learning difficulties in the academic environment, or a psychological syndrome in a clinical setting such as Substance Abuse, effective interventions can only be successful if the actual problem is clearly understood. Interventions therefore, need to be based on a comprehensive assessment of the person’s issues. When working with people, it takes a highly skilled professional to really understand the dynamic nature of the person and their problem to provide insightful and effective intervention strategies.

Our goal is to treat all who may have psychological challenges that need to be addressed, such as drug abuse, depression, anxiety disorder, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injury, oppositional defiance disorder (ODD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and more.

We offer hope where there is doubt.”

We provide comprehensive, research-based evaluations and interventions. Whether you are seeking psychological and educational testing, Substance Abuse evaluations of any other in-depth assessment, we assure that you will receive a comprehensive quality evaluation that will produce a thorough report with practical recommendations. We approach our clients with the "whole person" in mind and consider one's cultural, historical, and experiential background when determining the nature of each person's needs and difficulties. Types of evaluations available through The Psycho-Hypnotherapy Institute:

•Cognitive Functioning (IQ Testing)

•Educational Evaluations •Psychological Assessment and Evaluations

•Psychiatric Evaluations

•Psychosexual Evaluations

•Comprehensive Substance Abuse Evaluations

•Independent Child Study Team Evaluations

•Drug Court/TASC Evaluations

This is the Light at the end of the tunnel

At Dr. Sam's we don’t just offer you a second chance at life. We offer you a chance at enjoying life all over again. 

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