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Hypnotherapy Technique Used.

The Psycho-Hypnotherapy Institute uses an advanced state of the art procedure to change unwanted behaviors in a person's subconscious mind "Parts Therapy". This form of hypnotherapy is powerful and unique in that it is focal in it's treatment of a mental challenge. With "​Parts Therapy" hypnotherapist are able to call out the specific part of a person's subconscious mind that is causing the problem. Once this part is isolated and brought to the forefront the hypnotherapist is then able to rid of the negative behavior and replace the behavior with new positive behaviors. See below for a presentation on what is "Parts Therapy".

Individualized and Confidential Professional Services in Northern New Jersey

At Dr. Sam's, our mission is to provide comprehensive services that begin with the assessment process, for it is the assessment process that drives individualized intervention. Whether referring to learning difficulties in the academic environment or syndromes in a clinical setting, efficient and effective interventions can only be successful when they are based on a comprehensive assessment. It takes a highly skilled professional to collect and analyze relevant data, form hypotheses, and provide insightful intervention strategies.

The process will depend on the type of evaluation one needs. It usually consists of a series of structured and semi-structured meetings and interviews to gather information. An assessment may also involve acquiring data through third party entities, and performing standardized testing.

Each person’s relative strengths and weaknesses are analyzed, and then concrete recommendations are made. Each person seeking services will come with his or her own individual goals. Some will want to meet grade level expectations, some will desire academic test preparation, and some will want to optimize performance in other ways. All of our services are highly individualized, and a person’s achievements will be measured according to his or her plan.

Hypnotherapy in Northern New Jersey

When performed by an experienced professional, hypnosis is a highly effective method of treating certain behavioral issues. Dr. Sam provides hypnosis to patients in Little Falls Township, Totowa, Woodland Park and the surrounding areas in New Jersey.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a type of psychotherapy that utilizes techniques designed to place someone in a trance. These techniques involve a guided relaxation that works to focus a person’s attention and concentration. When a person is in a trance, his or her focus is centered completely on one singular thought or task, to the point where everything else that is happening around that person is unknown. A trained hypnotherapist provides the patient with the means of falling into this state.

How Hypnotherapy Works

Hypnotherapy is one of the many forms of psychotherapy that is meant to provide patients with both counseling and therapy by placing them into a trance. This trance allows those undergoing the therapy to recall memories and thoughts that may have been buried away. It is even possible for a person’s perception of certain things to change while they are under hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy can be used in two ways, as suggestion therapy or for patient analysis. With suggestion therapy, the hypnotherapist will suggest certain things to the patient, typically in order to change negative behaviors such as smoking. This type of therapy can even be used to suggest a change of perception within a person. Analysis therapy is based on an analysis of the patient and produces a relaxed state to get at the root of an issue.

Primary Benefits of Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy allows a person to be much more receptive to certain suggestions and therapies that just wouldn’t be possible when not under hypnosis. As such, there are a large number of conditions that can be better treated by hypnotherapy. These include:

Sleeping disorders
Anxiety following a trauma
Phobias and fears
Control over certain pains
Tobacco addictions

Hypnotherapy 4-Step Procedure

The first step in a hypnotherapy procedure involves an explanation as to what your behaviors actually indicate about you. The hypnotherapist will then design a strategy based around getting you to change.
The next step involves the hypnosis, which will make you more receptive to the strategy that has been designed for you.
When in the trance, the hypnotherapist will provide you with suggestions that will help to remove subconscious fears about the issue you are dealing with.
The last step is an evaluation of what happened, which may take place at a subsequent appointment.

If you have tried unsuccessfully to treat certain problems, hypnotherapy could be the solution you are looking for. Here at The Psycho-Hypnotherapy Institute, we have experienced, caring professionals standing by ready to provide you with hypnotherapy and a variety of other services. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!Type your paragraph here.

Hypnotherapy in Northern New Jersey

When performed by an experienced professional, hypnosis is a highly effective method of treating certain behavioral issues. Dr. Sam provides hypnosis to patients in Little Falls Township, Totowa, Woodland Park and the surrounding areas in New Jersey. 

Individual Therapy in Northern New Jersey

Individual therapy is a time-honored method of treating those who are suffering from anxiety, depression, or a number of related disorders. For individual therapy services, contact Dr. Sam, leading providers of mental health care for patients in and around Totowa, Little Falls Township, Woodland Park and the surrounding areas in New Jersey.

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